Essential oils, who hasn't heard of the benefits by now?

  • natural

    As people are turning to more natural sources for everything from cleaning to diet, the increased use of essential oils has followed this trend.

  • market growth

    When the hashtag #essentialoils has been used over 4.2 million times on Instagram, you know that aromatherapy is more than a trend and growing.

  • knowledge

    So many people lack the proper knowledge to use essential oils, and due to improper training are using oils in unsafe ways or too fearful to use them at all.

Course curriculum

As a Certified Aromatherapist of course I love and rave about essential oils every day. Almost every one of us do. From food preservation to skin rejuvenation there is an increase in the use of pure essential oils around the globe.

However,  what do you know about pure essential oils?  

That is a very valid question and I believe that knowledge is power. That is why I created this very educational course called, Exploring Aromatherapy, to help everyone that has ever wanted to know more about what essential oils are, how they can be used, and what to look for in an essential oil product. 

It's time, isn't it? 

This course includes over a dozen videos, and even more hours of digital training. As part of this training you will get thirty in-depth break-downs of single essential oils and their properties, where each oil comes from, how the oil is processed and the energy and emotions each of these oils functionally support. 

As well you will get the go-to downloads that you need most including those on essential oil safety, case study templates, and many of the the routine forms you would require to engage in a holistic aromatherapy practice. 

At the end of the course you will prepare and share five aromatherapy case studies and get full feedback on what you develop. After your case studies and passing your final testing you will receive a Certificate of Completion for this Foundations of Aromatherapy Course.

This training is going to be a breath of fresh air for you — both for your energy and emotions, as well as give you the knowledge that so many of you have told me you desire!

This course provides the chemistry, subtle body and therapeutic uses of essential oils including:

  • Lesson One: Exploring Aromatherapy : What are essential oils?

  • Lesson Two: Exploring History : The history of how plant medicine evolved into an essential oil revolution.

  • Lesson Three: Olfactory System : How does our formed sense of smell and this sensory system work to our advantage when using aromatherapy?

  • Lesson Four: Aroma Chemistry : Chemical makeup of essential oils molecules compounds in essential oils.

  • Lesson Five: Biophilia Hypothesis : Why do we seek connections with nature.

  • Lesson Six: Methods of Use : How to use essential oils, and the safety required with oil use.

  • Lesson Seven: Plant Spirits : Through much of history there is a practice of spiritual elemental teachings for traditional healers.

  • Lesson Eight: Chakra Balance : Basic understanding of the chakra systems in relationship to aromatherapy work.

  • Lesson Nine: Chakra Balance II : Advanced training of the chakra systems in relationship to aromatherapy work.

  • Lesson Ten: Emotional Support : How does aromatherapy have influence over your thoughts, emotions, moods, memories, and behaviors.

  • Lesson Eleven: Oil Identification : In depth look at thirty of the most used essential oils in aromatherapy practice.

  • Lesson Twelve: EntreAromatherapy : Ways that businesses are using essential oils to increase revenue.

  • Lesson Thirteen: Case Studies : How to create your five case studies, and what to consider before any essential oil use or recommendation.

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