I have coached & trained others with ...

Some of the most amazing people in the industry!!

I have trained with some of my favorite coaches on gut health, essential oils, mindset and more!
There is an energy shift around the globe and as we take different paths to get there,
we are all raising vibrations together!

  • Heidi Totten - Launching Women
  • Awakened To Vitality Inc.
  • Embody Results
  • Real Caring

Barbara Christensen Coaching

I have been training others in wellness areas for several decades through Social Media groups, webinars and live events. I am so happy to be sharing some of that holistic passion through this digital platform with you!
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Barbara Christensen Coaching

Train In Aromatherapy!

If you have always wanted to know how to work with essential oils, this pre-launch offers you a discount of 80% off the course pricing.

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